Postdoctoral Fellows
Fellowship Opportunity
The next application round begins November 1, 2016. The deadline is January 13, 2017. (Applications are now under review. No late applications are accepted.)  

We seek applicants for a 2-year postdoctoral fellowship in the U.B.C. Biodiversity Research Centre ( The Centre is made up of over 60 faculty members with interests in ecology, evolution, systematics, biodiversity and conservation. Preference will be given to candidates with bold ideas, demonstrated research ability, and strong communication skills. The successful candidate will be expected to conduct original research on core problems in biodiversity, foster interactions within the Centre, run a seminar series, and organize a retreat. Postdoctoral fellows funded by the Biodiversity Research Centre typically interact with several lab groups. Candidates are welcome to contact potential collaborating labs in the Centre to inquire about current and potential research activities, but it is not necessary to apply to work with a specific faculty member.  

Starting date, 1 September 2017.
Salary $48,000 per yr.
Research stipend: $7,000 per yr.
Application requirements: curriculum vitae, a statement of overall scientific goals and interests (approximately 2 pages), and the names and contact information for three references

All of the material should be submitted to biodiversity.centre as a single PDF (please name your file using this format: Lastname_Firstname_PDF2017.pdf)
Closing date for application, 13 January 2017.

The University of British Columbia hires on the basis of merit and is committed to employment equity. We encourage all qualified candidates to apply. Equity and diversity are essential to academic excellence. An open and diverse community fosters the inclusion of voices that have been underrepresented or discouraged. We encourage applications from members of groups that have been marginalized on any grounds enumerated under the B.C. Human Rights Code, including sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, racialization, disability, political belief, religion, marital or family status, age, and/or status as a First Nation, Metis, Inuit, or Indigenous person.

Current Biodiversity Postdoctoral Fellowship Recipients
Benjamin Freeman (starting October 2017) -

"I am fascinated by latitudinal and elevational diversity gradients: Why do some regions have many species while others have few? I study the evolutionary and ecological processes that explain how diverse communities assemble."

For more information, visit Dr. Freeman's website.

Rachel Germain -

"I seek to understand the ecological underpinnings of evolutionary divergence among populations and species, using insight from contemporary ecological theory."

For more information, visit Dr. Germain's website.

Stilianos Louca -

"I am interested in microbial ecology and geomicrobiology. As a naturalist by philosophy, a physicist by methodology and a biologist by heart, I'm exploring the invisible world through biogeochemical models, numerical simulations and molecular techniques."

For more information, visit Dr. Louca's website.

Past Biodiversity Postdoctoral Fellowship Recipients
Jennifer Sunday
University of Washington
Holly Moeller
University of California, Santa Barbara
Anna Hargreaves
McGill University
Chris Muir
University of British Columbia
Juan Santos
College of Life Sciences
Brigham Young University
Elizabeth Wolkovich
Department of Organismic & Evolutionary Biology
Harvard University
Florence Débarre
Collège de France
Paris, France
Thor Veen
Physical Sciences
Quest University
Jill Jankowski
Department of Zoology
University of British Columbia
Nathan Kraft
Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Mike Barker
Dept. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of Arizona
Will Cornwell
School of Biological, Earth, and Environmental Sciences
University of New South Wales
Luke Harmon
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Idaho
Ross Thompson
Institute for Applied Ecology, Director
University of Canberra
Jessica Hellman
Institute on the Environment, Director
University of Minnesota
Lisa Manne
Department of Life Sciences
University of Toronto at Scarborough
Daniel Haydon
Department of Environmental and Evolutionary Biology
University of Glasgow
Jennifer Ruesink
Department of Biology
University of Washington
Diane Srivastava
Department of Zoology
University of British Columbia

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Current Postdoctoral Fellows at UBC conducting research in Biodiversity (last updated September 2016)
Devin Arbuthnott Zoology
Rachel Bay Zoology
Natalia Bercovich Botany
Vittorio Bosscaro Botany
Gina Conte Zoology/Botany
Julia Costa Botany
Giulio Valentino Dalla Riva Zoology
Javier del Campo Botany
Ben Freeman Zoology
Lexuan Gao Botany
Ryan Gawryluk Botany
Alyssa Gehman Zoology
Elizabeth Hehenberger Botany
Sylvia Heredia Botany
Maria Herranz Botany
Ivana Imerovski Botany
Ana Karnkowska Botany
Martin Kolisko Botany
Chris Kopp Botany
Lenka Kuglerova Forest & Conservation Sciences
Julie Lee-Yaw Botany
Stilianos Louca Zoology
Jessica Mckenzie Zoology
Noriko Okamoto Botany
Greg Owens Botany
Marius Roesti Zoology
Rhea Sanders Botany
Nathaniel Sharp Zoology
Ahmed A. H. Siddig Forest & Conservation Sciences
Evan Staton Botany
Niels Steenkiste Botany
Patrick Thompson Zoology
Marco Todesco Botany
Michelle Tseng Zoology
Kevin Zhong Eart, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences

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